About the Texas Water Foundation

Water is the most important natural resource for the future of Texas. In order to succeed in the face of continued drought and a growing population, Texans must better understand our statewide water needs, and then make smart choices about how we manage and conserve this unique resource for generations to come. We hope you will share your ideas and support for our efforts to educate, motivate, and collaborate with fellow Texans on key water issues.

Thomas G. Mason,
Chairman, Texas Water Foundation

About Us

The Texas Water Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of generating a heightened public awareness among all Texans regarding the vital role water plays in our daily lives. Water impacts key elements of the quality of life Texans enjoy, from human health and economic growth to our natural environment.

Under the leadership of a distinguished Board of Directors, the Texas Water Foundation will play a prominent role in raising the level of discussion on key water issues facing the State of Texas into the next century.

The Texas Water Foundation will serve the state well by educating Texans about the state’s water resources and the importance of protecting, conserving and enhancing these resources for the use and enjoyment of future generations of Texans.

“The mission of the Texas Water Foundation is to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all Texans by mobilizing Texans to recognize the vital role water plays in protecting human health, supporting economic growth and safeguarding natural resources.”

Several issues have become apparent during the development and implementation of the Regional Water Planning Process:

  • Far too few Texans understand the important role that water plays in our lives;
  • A number of important and innovative water related activities across Texas need to be showcased as examples for the rest of the state; and
  • Long-range planning requires an informed citizenry.

Based upon these observations and the realization that water issues will continue to play a major role in the state’s economic and policy arenas, several individuals concerned about the future of water in Texas began searching for a way to bring water issues before the public. The result was the creation of the Texas Water Foundation.

The Texas Water Foundation is a privately funded non-profit organization which seeks to lessen the burden of government by educating the citizens of Texas about water issues so they will be better informed and prepared to participate in the state’s water planning goals so that they will implement the role of water efficiency in their everyday lives.

Sources of funding include:

  • Corporate and individual donations
  • Foundation grants
  • Government contracts other private sources

Thomas G. Mason, Chair
G. Hughes Abell, Vice Chair
Greg Ellis, Secretary
Mary Ann Dickinson, Treasurer

2015-2016 Board of Directors
Fred Aus
J. E. “Buster” Brown
William “Bill” Callegari
Jim Dannenbaum
Buddy Garcia
Jace Houston
Ken Kramer
Wendy Lary
Richard Linklater
Ronald Neighbors
Robert Puente
Carlos Rubinstein
Andy Sansom
C.E. Williams

Ex Officio Advisory Member
Representative Four Price
Representative Donna Howard
Representative Lyle Larson
Representative Eddie Lucio III

Carole D Baker

Executive Director
Elizabeth Fazio

Texas Water Foundation
P.O. Box 13252
Austin, Texas 78711-3252

Have ideas about how we might work together? Please call (512) 994-7260 or click here to email Carole Baker

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