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Here are some links to water conservation information that you might find helpful. We hope that you will adopt these measures to help use water more efficiently whenever you can!



The Scoop on Composting
We’ve collected some great information to help you get into lawn and garden water conservation
Rain sensors can help solve over watering problems and save water and money.
Water is Life

How important is water?
Why do we need to conserve it and how does conservation benefit us?

Our bodies don’t work without it. Our crops don’t grow. Our gardens don’t bloom. Our fish don’t swim. Our pets don't thrive.  Our industries and communities can’t grow and expand. In fact, just about everything we do in our daily lives -- directly or indirectly-- depends upon water.

The earth is largely covered by water. But the truth is, only about 2% of that water is drinkable. And, with a constantly growing population, that small amount of water is being shared by more and more people, as well as having to supply all of the water needed for agriculture, manufacturing, power generation, our cities and neighborhoods, too.

We have taken our precious water supplies for granted...for too long.  Now, water -- quantity and quality -- is a global issue.  That's why we have to learn to be better stewards of this finite resource...and learn to make informed decisions about how we use it. 

Every time we turn on the faucet...we need to ask ourselves, "Is it worth the water?"









Water Conservation Links


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