Texas Water Foundation Announces New Executive Director SARAH SCHLESSSINGER

Austin— The Texas Water Foundation announced Sarah Schlessinger as the new executive director of the nonprofit devoted to safeguarding Texas’ water resources through strategic partnerships, education and outreach, and research.

Sarah, previously served as the Executive Director of the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts. In this role she worked to support the regulatory entities that manage groundwater in Texas, inform groundwater policy with educational resources, and promote a proactive groundwater dialogue. Prior to that she worked at the Bandera County River Authority & Groundwater District as their Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator. 

“All of us at the Texas Water Foundation see an opportunity to have a big influence on addressing Texas’ water challenges and are thrilled to have Sarah lead us in this exciting stage of growth” – Carole Baker, CEO and President of the foundation – “I’m extremely excited about this next step for the foundation and am eager to see us continue flourishing and expanding our influence for years to come.”

Schlessinger’s hiring comes as the foundation embarks on a journey to implement its new strategic plan. The strategic plan hones in on the foundation’s strength of being a go-to resource for current and future water leaders with the aim of helping them make informed decisions to promote sustainable water management practices. A primary focus for the strategic plan is to foster meaningful partnerships, build research programs, and implement outreach strategies that increase public understanding and appreciation for the value of water.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to inherit the legacy of one of the most well-respected experts in Texas water, Carole Baker. Through her hard work and ten years of successes, the foundation is poised for growth and ready to implement its new vision. I look forward to being a part of the effort to grow the foundation as resource, as well as the opportunity to support Texas on its path to becoming a water leader,” Schlessinger said.

Sarah has experience with international non-profits with interest in water policy. She spent a year in peri-urban Haiti to help launch an entrepreneurial alternative water infrastructure. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in Political Geography and a Master of Science in Water Science, Policy and Management from Oxford University.

Contact: Carole Baker, 512-994-7260 or cbaker@texaswater.org

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