2019 Blue Legacy Awards

Presented By The Water Conservation Advisory Council

The nomination period is now open for the Blue Legacy Awards in the municipal, agricultural and manufacturing categories.

The Blue Legacy Award is an annual award program that recognizes the outstanding water conservation efforts and successes of entities and individuals. The Council is excited to recognize innovators across the state who champion preserving the state’s most precious resource, water. Each award category provides several opportunities for nominees to showcase their efforts.

The nomination period for the 2019 Blue Legacy Awards will remain open until December 15, 2018. Awardees will be chosen by panels organized by the Council, notified by support staff, and invited to attend an award ceremony.

Please complete the appropriate nomination packet below and send to WCAC@twdb.texas.gov.

Nomination Packet – Agriculture

Nomination Packet – Manufacturing

Nomination Packet – Municipal

Leading Texas into a Sustainable Water Future

Prepared for the Texas Water Foundation by Redstone

Water is the lifeblood of Texas’ flourishing population, thriving economy, and rich array of wild landscapes. However, this precious natural resource is becoming scarce and less predictable. It is up to today’s Texans to ensure the state has a sustainable water future where Texas’s people, economy, and ecosystems have access to the clean water they need.

This strategic plan sets a course for the Texas Water Foundation to realize this vision at a grander, more holistic scale than it has before.

The plan identifies the Foundation’s robust existing strengths; lays out why those strengths are crucial to a future of widely available, clean, well-managed water; and applies them to the most important issues facing Texas.

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Impact of Water Efficiency Program Expenditure On the Texas Economy

Water runs through the Texas economy as its rivers run through the land.

If you read the economic projections from the Dallas Fed or the Annual Economic Outlook from Texas A&M, the focus will be on the energy sector rebound from low oil prices, and manufacturing jobs, and housing starts.

But water is behind all of those jobs — whether for oil exploration and production, steam electric generation or cooling for manufacturing, or the growing appetite for water in new homes and neighborhoods. And how much water Texas has — and will continue to have — shapes our economic growth.

This report, however, is not about the importance of maintaining Texas’ water for Texas’ businesses. It is about the very real business of maintaining Texas’ water.

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2018 Film Contest Winners:

First Place -The Princess & the Poo (Kylie Tibbs)

Second Place

McKinney Falls (Daniela Lewkowicz)

Third Place

Dove Springs (Cordelaine Kline)

Honorable Mention

Water Worth (Sofia Martinez)

Texas Statewide Water Conservation Survey

The Texas Water Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of generating a heightened public awareness among all Texans regarding the vital role water plays in our daily lives. Water impacts key elements of the quality of life Texans enjoy, from human health and economic growth to our natural environment.

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Texas Water Foundation
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