Texas Water Foundation Events

The Texas Water Foundation has a number of keystone events that take an opportunity to celebrate those who are passionate about water. At TWF we believe it is important to acknowledge all the change makers who promote the value of water through education, outreach, policy, and scientific research. To keep the movement alive, we have three main events celebrated every year:

1. Texas Rainmaker Award and Dinner: The Award is given to leaders who have made exceptional contributions and long-lasting impact to promote sustainable water policies in Texas. Previous recipients of the Texas Rainmaker Award include:

2. Texas Water Day at the Capitol: This is celebration at the Texas Capitol where organizations from all over the state come together to share their projects and programs in water education. Information booths are set up to educate visitors on groundwater, drinking water, water conservation, and sustainable agricultural best practices. On that day, we also have a symposium of water warriors who share stories on various water initiatives. The event concludes with an award ceremony – the Blue Legacy Awards – which recognizes the achievements of individuals, utilities, and businesses that have successfully implemented water conservation initiatives in Texas.

3. Texas Water Films Contest: We find creative ways to celebrate the value of water in our community. Every year at the Austin Film Festival we have a water series where we showcase short films submitted from film makers of all ages from Texas. This is a fun event that allows us to talk about all the ways in which water impacts our lives and being.

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